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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Lily-Jade Volume V in the Mystic Adventures Big Sur series by J. W. Winslow. Over the years, I have read each of JW’s books on Kindle.  Now, I have all the print copies - the Lily Jade Collectors Special.  These beautiful books have a special place on my bookshelf – between “My Nepenthe” cookbook and apothecary jar of sand from Malibu Beach.  Each time I begin to read a new JW Winslow Mystic Adventures book, my intention is to read slowly and savor each page.  Quickly, however, I am drawn into the story and cannot put the book down. 

I just finished the latest: “Lily-Jade”. Like all the books in the series, I am drawn back to Big Sur, the California coast where I grew up, and a cast of characters I know well by now. I am ready to go back and re-read “Jasmine Dogs”, “Jade Beach I”,” Jade Beach II” and “Belinda” again. 

By the time I come back to “Lily-Jade”, I hope I can watch this incredible saga of Big Sur and beyond come to life on TV. Join me in reading the entire collection...

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