I have a passion for the game of life, which has challenged me, rewarded me, and given me great joy. I have lived coast-to-coast, up the corporate ladder, through the glass ceiling, out the downsizing door, and into the world as a free agent.  


The year 2020 brought many changes to all of us. Time for me to take some of my own advice and re-imagine what is next.. This world we are living in now demands a new level of creatively in all aspects.


Most of us have been thru downsizings, economic good times and bad, big changes introduced by new technologies (anyone remember FORTRAN, PROFS, video conferences that looked like old sci-fi movies, drafting boards, mainframes, plotters, et al,??), and more than a few unplanned career transitions. The current set of change qualifies as a revolution way beyond re-engineering "what was".


Good news -- From “Pioneers” like me to the cadre of young technical wizards -- we are here to experience it. My priority is to stay in touch with all of you who have enriched my life, made me grateful for all of the opportunities to be part of an outstanding network of innovators, leaders and friends, and contributed to a book full of “war stories”. Stay on the leading edge –no matter how bumpy the ride is!

The Great Circle of my flight path spans from the Pier on the Isle of Palms, SC, to the North Georgia mountains, on to the Four Corners and high desert of southern Utah, over to the beach at Santa Monica, up the coast through Big Sur to Silicon Valley, and out to a beautiful view of Diamond Head from a porch on Oahu…and beyond…

Looking forward to the days when I can fly again!!

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Jeanne Ford

Mentor/Coach, Certified Retirement Options Coach, 

Retired Aerospace R&D Engineer and International Consultant, 

Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

& Free Spirit